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Learning is an experience

Framestore - Central London

Systems Developer

March 2005 to December 2006

Framestore works specifically with digital video in film. The first tool I was tasked to re-work was our backup tool. Due to the sheer resolution of the shots there was no off the shelf tool that would have provided the solution. The version of the tool was made by a previous developer and had proved to be rather temperamental and unreliable in places. I started from the ground up, getting to know the current system and working really closely with the systems administrator. The tool was re-designed and implemented concentrating on unit testing to ensure errors were caught quickly.

The tool also had a front end where a user could search for a particular frame or set of frames to restore.

I also worked on their in-house tool that was a form of versioning for their “shots in progress”. A digital artist would render a version of the shot to the system and then a director would be able to view the video and make comments and the shot would be passed back to the artist.

Technologies used