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Learning is an experience

BBC - Central London

Application Developer

March 2002 to February 2005

I was in the BBCi department which deployed an interactive service to digital TV throughout the UK. Most of the job was taking a feed from one place and translating it via Perl to something which was then converted into C code to be sent to the set top box. I was mostly focussed on Digital Satellite but at the time there was also a Digital Cable and Freeview team which we exchanged ideas and methods with to make things easier.

During the final year at the BBC the whole system was rebuilt to something that could publish any piece of content to one universal piece of XML that cold then be fed across all three platforms. This was no small job, planning alone took 4-5 months as we needed to gather all the requirements of all the systems. Further coding took another 4 months and was released on a 2 weekly SCRUM cycle.

Technologies used