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Learning is an experience

Cognolink - Central, London

Senior Developer

October 2008 to September 2010

Cognolink are now known as Third Bridge and was a primary research firm focused on facilitating consultations with leading industry specialists in Europe. The clients are top business leaders, mostly active in financial investment and strategy consulting, who seek to develop insights and gather critical, sometimes niche information regarding investment decisions in European markets.

I implemented and designed new features for the in house developed technology that broke down peoples CV’s into skillsets that can be used for matching the right consultant to the company. This includes implementing a full version control system to ensure that all changes made by internal staff and external experts were logged and reversible, if necessary.

I was also involved with the deployment of new code to the testing/staging environments, along with educating junior developers in process and code review. We started to move some of the application to CouchDB which was better at accessing some the data available in the documents at the time. I also helped educate Junior members of the team.

Technologies used