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Learning is an experience

Mind Unit - Brixton, London

Lead Developer

October 2010 to December 2012

As the Lead Developer I concentrated on making the in house built CMS more reliable and flexible as well as deliver sites for our clients. Over the course of the two years I improved the CMS a great deal I made it more SEO optimised, more flexible, easier to update, easier to deploy to name a few things. I also helped develop a better development cycle which included the way CSS and JS was delivered.

One of my personal projects was to create an API using the Zend Framework to cater for their mass mailing similar to MailChimp. The company at the time were making a significant amount of revenue with this service and didn’t want to loose it. It supported around 20 clients some of which send up to 40,000 e-mails in one single mailout. All the e-mails were tracked using a tracking pixel technology that was again built in house. This was displayed in the CMS enabling the client to determine a rough read and click through rate for the e-mail.

Technologies used