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Learning is an experience

Kainos - Bristol

Contract developer

May 2015 to September 2015

I worked with the team in Bristol to help finish the work on the DVSA MOT project. The code was a large PHP app using Zend Framework 2 and my first few contributions were learning and helping to implement Behat tests for the new and existing functionality. In the five months, I was with Kainos I have helped deliver several stories and set out to improve documentation and knowledge about the application as much as possible. In the last few weeks, I tutored a junior developer, mostly educating them on TDD, class design and testing in general.

I was brought on to help finalise the digitisation of the MOT project for the DVSA. The work ranged from small bug fixes, to new pieces of functionality with full tests. There was a fully functioning API talking to a front-end, all programmed in PHP using the Zend Framework. I fulfilled code requests and advised on accessibility compliance, produced documentation and guidelines that was shared across the other teams. In my final few weeks I was mentoring one of the newer developers into the system and teaching them more about unit testing, TDD and general good PHP practice.

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