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Learning is an experience

Careplanner - Bristol

Application developer

March 2018 - May 2018

I joined Careplanner as a permanent member of staff however I decided to not stay after the probationary period. I left because there was something about the environment at the time that I found detrimental to my mental health and left on good terms.

During my time with Careplanner I was tasked to design and build an API in Symfony (4.x). This API was being designed to give them a system that can be used for internal and external services. The eventual end goal was to transition away from their current Drupal system because the codebase had already grown to a point where managing it within Drupal is tricky. I also made a few changes to their current system in order to learn how it currently functioned.

A lot of the work I did was designing the API using OpenAPI (v3) standards from their current system, and helping to build a good base to work from with the other developers. We integrated a full OAuth2 token system for connecting to the API for internal processes as well as external clients.

Technologies used